9 Reasons why we should visit Nam Du island

22/06/2019 By:Tuấn Nguyên
9 Reasons why we should visit Nam Du island

1. Convenient transport

You have to arrive in Rach Gia – KienGiang province to reach Nam Du islands. The easiest way to get Rach Gia is taking a ferry from Mien Tay station. You’d better take the 23 pm ferry in order to arrive Rach Gia at 6 am the day after. Then you’ll take a speedboat round-trip to Nam Du islands.


A speedboat round-trip to Nam Du Island

2. Sparkling blue sea

Nam Du islands are much more attractive due to its purely wild beauty with calm beaches, sparkling water illuminating the blue color of the immense sky to the horizon. Besides, you have a good time to enjoy the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere and keep yourself far away the noise of cities.


The sparkling blue sea of Nam Du Island

3. Awesome beaches to camp

It’ll be a fantastic excursion for you to go in group and take a chance to camp on such wild beaches. Just imagine you’re lying restfully on the beaches hearing the sounds of waves at night then waking up in the morning and watching wonderful dawn in the very fresh air!


The romantic scenery in a sunset on the beach

4. Impressively friendly locals

You will be totally impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and hospitable local people at your first step on the islands. Most tourists who paid a visit here claimed that Nam Du islanders are very enthusiastic and kind. They easily bring you lots of laughter and feelings of sincerity.


A habitant of Nam Du

5. Boat travel around other islands

One thing that would give you a weird experience is renting a small boat and traveling around islands in the archipelago. Nam Du has many scenic islands such as Dau island, Nom island, Mau island, etc. The amazing thing here is that traveling on the surface then you can see through to the bottom because the water is infinitely crystal.


On a boat around the island

6. Spectacular view of purely blue sea from the lighthouse

The lighthouse of Nam Du archipelago is not monumental at all. But the entire view of spectacularly wild islands will be on your eyesight. That’s the best place for you to enjoy the wind and take fantastic photos.


Spectacular view of purely blue sea from the lighthouse

7. Mesmerizing beauty of wild nature

Arguably the scenery of Nam Du islands is perfect with the most beautiful beaches. Just ride a motorbike along the coastal roads with one side of the immense blue sea and the other side of green forests, you’ll be deeply mesmerized by this poetical, lyrical and artistic beauty.


The wild nature of Nam Du Island

8. Unique, delicious, and cheap seafood

Like many other attractions of islands, Nam Du is famous for the variety of unique seafood. Here you should definitely enjoy the distinctive flavor of dishes which are not only fresh but also surprisingly cheap such as sea urchin, squid, green fish, snails, crabs, etc.


One of the special dishes that you can only find in Nam Du Island

9. A new destination

Here you have chances to do thing freely, explore and enjoy in your own way without any modern facilities. Nam Du is a brand new attraction so there is little modern accommodation like 5-star hotels or expensive restaurants. Great! Then you will take time to experience fascinating things here with friendly locals and mingle yourself with peacefully wild nature that is little found in other destinations.


A resort in Nam Du Island

Besides the amazing sceneries that tourists can visit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there, Nam Du Island also has a lot more other new things that are waiting for you to discover!

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